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1. Asthma attacks can be triggered by changes in the weather.

Correct answer: true
Certain weather conditions can increase the risk of an asthma attack, including thunderstorms, strong winds, temperatures, fog, and humidity. If you know what weather conditions bother your asthma you can plan ahead.

2. High humidity in your home will reduce your risk of an asthma attack.

Correct answer: False
Low humidity may help reduce your risk of an asthma attack. It is strongly advised to keep the humidity between 30 percent and 50 percent in your home. High humidity can promote mold growth and dust mites, which may trigger an asthma attack. The use of an air conditioner or air dehumidifier might be helpful.

3. Asthma attacks always come unannounced.

Correct answer: False
Most asthma attacks come with warning signs and symptoms. Being familiar with the warning signs of an asthma attack helps to understand when you should seek treatment.
Warning signs may include:

  • Increased shortness of breath or wheezing
  • Disturbed sleep caused by shortness of breath, coughing or wheezing
  • Chest tightness or pain
  • Increased use of bronchodilators – medications that open up airways by relaxing the surrounding muscles
  • A common cold may precede increased asthma symptoms by one or two days.

4. Avoiding triggers is the only option for keeping asthma under control.

Correct answer: False
Avoiding triggers is sometimes impossible. Avoiding what triggers your asthma is the best way to prevent attacks, but if that`s not possible, here are some things to try.

  • Limit exposure. Sometimes being around what triggers your asthma may be tolerable if the exposure is minimal.
  • Ask your doctor about medications you can take before you are exposed to asthma triggers. This helps you plan ahead and to minimize symptoms.

5. Cleaning your house can trigger your asthma.

Correct answer: True
Yes, but this does not mean that you should stop cleaning. A clean living environment can help control asthma symptoms. Strong odors and chemicals found in cleaning supplies may trigger asthma. Use unscented and nonaerosol cleaners. If they seem to irritate your asthma get help with cleaning. Have someone else vacuum for you if dust triggers your asthma.

6. Avoid exercise if it triggers your asthma.

Correct answer: False
Exercise is one trigger that you don`t want to avoid completely. Asthma symptoms may be reduced during exercise by slowly warming up and taking medications before you begin, especially in colder weather. Check with your doctor before you begin an exercise program if you don`t exercise regularly.

7. You can control your asthma by controlling the stress in your life.

Correct answer: True
Yes, stress can trigger asthma. But in today`s fast-paced world, stress may be unavoidable. Try a massage, a yoga class, exercise or meditation to relax. Remember to take time for yourself.